Our work draws on both Jewish values and on history of Jewish communities both of being forcibly displaced and of welcoming those who seek sanctuary. As part of this, we work closely with the British Jewish community, mobilising a movement of British Jews in support of refugees and racial justice. Judaism is a non-missionising faith, and we do not seek to impose our faith or practice on anyone, including partners, service users, volunteers, or staff. Interfaith and inter-communal work is also critical to our efforts, and we are proud to hold strong relationships across communities in the UK.

We are not an overtly political organisation, however based on our partnership with HIAS, we do work on the basis of humanitarian principles. We therefore relate to the present conflict with great pain. We recently wrote a statement on the conflict which you can find here and HIAS published a statement which you can find here. Together these represent our positioning on the present conflict. 

The generous support of individual funders and grant-giving trusts and foundations enables us to do our work. Some funders will restrict their funding to particular projects, including JUMP. Our funders are listed on the Partners page of our website, and also can be viewed in our Annual Reports. 

HIAS+JCORE’s policy is created by staff and trustees, who have a fiduciary responsibility for the organisation. This is done in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, but we are clear with funders that they do not dictate policy or strategy.

No. As Mark Hetfield, the President and CEO of HIAS, says “We used to help refugees because they were Jewish. Now we help refugees because we are Jewish”. 

No. We warmly encourage and welcome applications from all backgrounds, and people with any, or no, particular religious faith or beliefs. We particularly encourage applications from those with lived experience of the asylum system. 

We are always happy to hear requests for internships or work experience. We believe that work experience and internships should meaningful and impactful for everyone involved. We therefore commit to only offer work placement opportunities when we can accommodate people and provide appropriate supervision and support. Click here to find out more.